Management Information Systems

MIS (Management information systems) is a perfect career for a student who loves doing business and at the same time enjoys working with computers and technologies. MIS is a people-oriented field with an emphasis on meeting business needs through technology. This major explores how students can use computing technologies to create business solutions and focuses on the best way to enable the organization to meet its goals and business challenges. MIS students learn about business processes and analyze how to improve the processes using technology. The purpose of MIS is to analyze, design, develop, and implement information technology strategy to solve business problems.

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Careers in MIS
According to the US Department of Labor, employment for MIS majors is expected to grow 18.5% from 2012 to 2022, which is faster than the average of other business majors. Because of the great variety of MIS application areas and technical specialties, numerous career choices are available:

Business Analyst
Business Analysts work with clients, evaluating processes and procedures to create IT solutions to meet business needs. They also determine systems requirements and calculate a return on investment for a new IT system that developers will build. They may also do data mining to assess and make decisions or investigative legal forensics. Additionally, they may be involved in overseeing IT project implementation.

Information Technology Consultant
This job focuses on the people, processes, and technology needed to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Consultants give advice to use appropriate applications or other technology to solve business problems. They also produce reports and provide training to staff. An IT Consultant needs both business and technology skills, which is what the MIS degree focuses on.

Security Analyst
Security analysts ensure the security requirements of the applications. The duties may include: creating and testing the network disaster recovery plans, performing risk assessments and testing of data processing systems or installing firewall, data encryption and other security measures.

eBusiness Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs start their own businesses. They have a variety of skills such as managing employees, developing and implementing a solid business plan, understanding technical risks, overseeing web development, preparing a financial analysis and marketing a product. The MIS degree could be a good start for those want to be entrepreneurs in a technical industry.

Application Developer
An app developer translates software requirements into workable programming code, both developing and maintaining programs for a business. They will write or modify programs for a variety of technical, commercial, and business users. Applications developers also offer technical support to end users.