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Management Information System Association

The Management Information System Association (MIS Association) at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi is a professional student association that focus on broadening student’s understanding and knowledge of the Management Information System (MIS) profession through networking events, professional meetings and associations. The MIS Association supports TAMUCC students who are interested in MIS, provides career advice and networking, and cutting edge resources to prepare for the job after graduation.

What activities we have been doing:
“MIS career path workshop”: Guest speaker on how to build your resume and prepare for the Career Fair
Summer Internship in MIS major forum discussion
“From college to MIS career” with CTO from NavyArmy Community Credit Union


Haley Masters, Bert Saenz, Jefferson Boeck and Paul Perez, MIS Association representatives. 

Join our association to:

  • Upgrade your skill in MIS
  • Network with other students have the same interest in MIS
  • Prepare your skill and knowledge for the future career
  • Enhance your leadership, teamwork and communication competency
  • Acquire internship and full time job opportunities
  • Get to know the MIS faculty members

For more information:
Faculty Advisor
Timothy Klaus


Bert Saenz   

Vice President

Haley Masters


Jefferson Boeck

UCSO representative

Paul Perez