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Spring 2018 Homework Night: 


All times are Noon-8:00PM

Spring 2018 Homework Night Schedule

Fall 2017 Events:

Data Center Tour -

On November 21, 2017, MISA joined Dr. Klaus's class for a tour of the university's data center. We split into two groups and half took the tour while the other half got to hear from Ed Evens( the CIO), then they switched. Ed Evans talked about the role of IT and how it 1)improves operational creditability 2)heightens security 3)automates manual processing 4)enhances research and 5)enables teaching and learning. He then talked about the management side of IT and how they have three different things they work on 1)project 2)enhancing and compliance 3)baseline support/break fix. We also learned about Disaster Recovery operations, how they will be migrating the server backups from Laredo to San Antonio, and how IT provides benefits to an organization by sitting in the middle and asking about problems. Inside the data center, we learned about the atmosphere they have to maintain, the UPD(Uninterruptible Power Supply), the PDU(Power Distribution Unit), the SAN(Storage Area Network), the ACI(application Center Infrastructure), the different fiber optics they use and why they use them aw well as seeing all the server towers.

Ed Evens presenting to MISA and Dr. Klaus's class

HEB Event -

On September 28, 2017, David Gard, a Director of Information Solutions, came and talked to us about the different career paths that a student can take, the technology used in HEB, and how they use Data analytics. 

haleys-intro.jpg data-analytics-pres.jpg david-gard.jpg
President Haley Masters introducing David Gard David Gard's slide about Data Analytics David Gard presenting to MISA members
david,-teachers,-officers.jpg david-and-members.jpg david-and-officers.jpg
David Gard With Dr. Klaus, Dr. Rao, and the Executive Officers David Gard and MISA members showing off school spirit with their shakas David Gard with the MISA Officers