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Free Microsoft Software


All students enrolled in a MISY course are eligible to download and use free Microsoft software.

Click DreamSpark Premium to download the software (You'll login with your islander email address)

For further information about this free software program, please contact the IT manager:

Mr. Christopher Palfreyman 

(361) 825-5926

Suggestions on using this program:

  • Make back-ups of your software.
  • Keep software keys in a safe place.
  • Do not share your MSDN AA software and software keys.
  • Download software you might need for other classes.

Some of the free Microsoft software includes:

Common Problem Solution

How can I become eligible to download software from DreamSpark's (MSDNAA) website?
By enrolling in a MISY class at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

I forgot my DreamSpark's password.
Recover your password here .
I accidentally deleted the e-mail that MSDN AA sent me on how to access their website. Learn how to have your email resent to you here.

Its been a few weeks into the semester and, I have note received an e-mail with instructions on how to access software from MSDN AA's website.
Learn more on how to receive an e-mail from MSDN AA here.

I do not use my Islander email, will I receive an e-mail to my normal email on how to access MSDN AA website?
Yes.  Please contact Chris Palfreyman ( if there are any issues getting into your account.
I enrolled a few weeks late into my MISY class. Will there be a problem accessing MSDN AA's website? Maybe. If you have not received an e-mail from MSDN AA, then you  need to contact your campus MSDN AA Program Administrator
( for further assistance.
How can I install downloaded MSDN AA software?
Download MSDN AA software usually comes in the form of a .iso file (a disc image). You can either use Windows to burn this image to a disc, or you can mount the disc image using a virtual drive. Ask an assistant in the business lab if you need further assitance. (Note: Business lab assistants do not provide blank discs.)